2018 Supremacy Award


Have you ever come across financial planners who go all out to get you to buy their products? Don’t you feel irritated that all they are trying to do is get their own commission?

Well, at Believe Team, we put YOU first – and we are not just saying this, we actually have guidelines in place that ensure ALL our agents provide valuable advice to you. Not only do we train every single agent in The Agent Blueprint (Our proprietary course), we also ensure they are updated monthly on the latest happenings in our industry.Why do we take up extra time and cost to do this? Its simple, we see it as an investment – because we know how other agencies have lost the trust in us agents – and we want to win yours back.

Are You Neglecting Your Finances?

Financial planning is often perceived as being unnecessary…

Why should I pay so much for a financial planner, if I can do it myself?” 

I can do this when I grow older, I’m still so young

Yup, we know these thoughts cross your mind when you hear the words ‘financial planning’. But hear us out, because you may be missing out on one of the best opportunities to build yourself a comfortable nest egg. Don’t believe us? Here are some hard truths…

  • 75% of Malaysian will not reach any financial goal in their lifetime
  • Financial illiteracy is causing middle and low income workers to lose millions of dollars daily
  • Half the population will not be able to retire with a comfortable amount of saving

How We Can Help

Besides having a team of competent staff, our comprehensive suite of services help you become financially savvy, avoid expensive mistakes, and bolster your financial health.

We will help you:

  1. Determine how much you need to save for retirement
  2. Reduce your credit card debt and student loans
  3. Improve your credit score
  4. Build sufficient cash reserves as a buffer against emergencies
  5. Save towards your child’s education
  6. Protect yourself from risks from financial assets
  7. Transfer assets to your loved ones to protect them
  8. Feel more confident about managing your money

Trust us to help you help yourself

Mission, Vision & Core Value

To make life great by providing quality financial solutions and sharing positive vibes. To build career success and quality life style.

To be the leading team in Great Eastern, a platform for everyone to achieve goals in every life stages.

Core Values

1. Integrity
– To provide financial planning with ethics, dignity, and professionalism

2. Optimistic
– To be passionate in life and willing to change

3. Gratitude
– To be grateful and to return kindness

4. Team Work
– To achieve mutual growth through having fun, involvement, trust and understanding

5. Innovation
– To encourage initiative and embrace changes through learning and creativity